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The Start of Aine's Herbal Creations

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     One day I watched a documentary about the type of foods we eat and how we should make better choices by reading the ingredient label on the back. A comment was made that resonated with me so deeply. We spend more money on our houses and cars, then we do on the food that we eat. Food is fuel for our bodies; it helps us stay healthy and have energy to survive the day. This got me thinking. What about the products we use daily? What kind of chemicals are in the soaps, shampoos, lotions, perfumes that we apply every day? What are the reactions in the body that take place once they are absorbed through the skin? This was the day that Aine’s Herbal Creations was created to provide my family safe and eco-friendly products to use every day.

     It all started with creating my own laundry detergent. I made from scratch a Castile bar of soap which took almost an entire year to cure. I grated up the bar of soap and added borax and washing soda. My clothes came out super clean. After realizing that the clothes came out cleaner with my laundry detergent then the commercial ones I have used, I decided to use the Castile soap in the shower. I fell in love with how it made my skin feel. There was no residue on my skin, it was not overly dry. I have tried going back to soaps bought in the store and my skin hurts horribly, so I only use soaps I make myself.

     When looking at the ingredient list of products I was going to purchase, there were some ingredients I could not pronounce. When I researched the ingredient, I found it was created in a lab and there are some studies that say they are harmful to our health. I started to research different oils, I wanted to know the properties of each. I decided that I would use herbs and clays for natural colorants, and essentials oils are used for fragrances. All ingredients would be as natural as possible, in case of a zombie apocalypse I could make all the ingredients myself. Yes, I know that is a little extreme, okay majorly extreme, but you get my point.

     Aine’s Herbal Creations started with me making my own products to provide safer and natural alternatives for my family then what was currently on the market. I created the business and started selling my products because I wanted to provide other families what I provide for mine.

     I try to purchase products locally whenever possible. I take great care when selecting supplies to verify that they are reputable. All ingredients are as natural as possible, animal cruelty free, eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, plant based, fair trade certified, and most importantly safe for regular use. I use clay and plant based ingredients (herbs, fruit and vegetable purees) for colorants and essential oils for fragrances.

     I create candles that have essential oils that are safe for inhalation and wicks that do not contain the metal that most commercialized candles contain. Bath products like bath bombs, milk baths, bath salts to soften the water and provide luxuriously soft skin. The herbal colorants are safe for small children to use and will not stain the tubs. Shower steamers are an option for those that cannot take baths. Herbal teas with stevia leaves to natural sweeten teas, we do not use black and green teas as fillers. Handmade soaps, lotions, shaving creams and more. All products my family uses before we add to the shop.

     Through this process, I have found my passion. Researching ingredients and creating recipes intrigue the nerdy side of me. While making the products, creating the blend of essential oils, adding the herbs and clays for specific colors, swirling them together; it brings out the artist in me. I strive to provide the best product available, everything that is created for Aine’s Herbal Creations is tested on myself and my family. If it does not pass our standards it is never sold to our customers. It is truly from our family to yours.