About Us

Combining a passion for creativity and a desire to share natural, eco-friendly, ethical skincare and cosmetic products with the world, Aine’s Herbal Creations was lovingly launched and based in Rowlett, Texas.

Unlike many skincare and cosmetic products currently on the market, none of the products we offer at Aine’s Herbal Creations contain synthetic ingredients. Instead, at Aine’s Herbal Creations we strive to provide natural cosmetics and skincare products with ingredients that can be made by hand. Botanicals and clays are used for adding beautiful and exhilarating colors and essential oils are used for providing intoxicating fragrances.

Aine’s Herbal Creations blossomed from a need for natural skin care solutions that work. All our products are handmade in small batches to maintain the highest quality possible. We carefully research and source our ingredients from reputable and eco-friendly manufacturers. This allows us to not only know exactly what is in our products, but to verify that our carbon footprint is minimized by using ingredients that are using ethically sourced. We aim to provide natural skincare and fragrance alternatives that you will love. 

If you are looking for a gift for friends and loved ones, we can help with our lovingly created box sets of our favorite items from Aine’s Herbal Creations. Whether you are looking for beard oil to tame and revitalize, body butter to smooth and hydrate dry skin, or milk bubble bath to relax and soothe, you have come to the right place. We stock a great range of skincare products for men and women. Our natural candles are created using our own special blend of wax and safe burning essential oils and herbs which will provide an intoxicating aroma for your space. Enjoy our products with peace of mind and you never worry about unknown chemicals being introduced to you and your loved ones. 

Explore our online shop to discover our range of natural products and experience the difference that natural handmade cosmetics, skin care products and candles can make. We know you will love our products as much as we do.